15 novembre 2018

Da Bombay - Ispettoria S. Maria Mazzarello

Children’s day cum Diwali Celebration at Shelter Don Bosco (11th Nov. 2018)

Sr. Anita Tairipasu fma along with two teachers and two volunteers accompanied 70 children for the children’s day cum Diwali celebration at Shelter Don Bosco. The program was organized for the children from few centers including our children.
From 9.00 am in the morning to 5.00 pm.in the evening, the children had plenty of fun and frolic. They had chances to play any game and win a prize. 454 children from Salesian Youth at Risk (Yar) centres had an enriching time with various types of games, talent show competition and cultural program. They were given prizes and gifts. The participants were generously offered breakfast, lunch and evening snacks too. Our children were very happy and they enjoyed the day to the full. They happily returned home at 5.30 p.m. Our thanks to the Salesians of Mumbai Province for the warm welcome and the enriching time they shared with our children. May Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello continue to smile on our children from above.

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