4 giugno 2012

“Be my witnesses to the whole world”

Sr. Mary Cherian ci scrive condividendo l’esperienza missionaria realizzata con i giovani nell’Ispettoria S. Maria Mazzarello, di Bombay (Mumbai), India.

FMA KUNE MISSION CAMP–  9th-11th May - 2012
It is said that “Journey of a  thousand miles begins with a single step”
9th May 2012 our journey began towards Kune Mission. All of us met at CST boarded the train at 7.10am which reached Lonavla at 9.55am. At Auxilium we were warmly welcomed by the Salesian Sisters and candidates particularly it gave us a great joy to see Sr. Edvige Nazareth fma in her eighties accompanying the hearty welcome song with the guitar.  Sisters lovingly offered us good breakfast and well prepared accommodation. 
Srs. Mary Cherian, Monica Shera and Teresa Joseph briefed us about the two Institutions at Lonavla, followed by ice breakers, fun loving game through which Sr. Mary introduced us to the goal and purpose of camp at Kune mission. The three groups chose their own names after missionaries like Don Bosco, St. Mary Mazzarello & St. Francis Xavier. Each group prepared their chart with particulars of the missionary saints which we were to display later. We took personal commitment by drawing our feet on a larger sheet with the words “Be my witnesses to the whole world”. In the afternoon Sr. Teresa Joseph gave us an input session on Don Bosco and Mary Mazzarello with power point. In the evening we visited Lonavla town and attended the Eucharist at St. Joseph’s church. Day’s session prepared us for Kune Mission experience. At the end of the day, we took note of how we lived our commitment. We awaited the daybreak to set out on our mission at Kune, we felt the dawn was too long to arrive.
 10th May 2012, our day began with mass in the convent chapel, said by Fr. Salu sdb who also interacted with us.  We trekked it out to Aashish Bhavan with the aim of helping the Katkari  tribe people. We were warmly welcomed by Sr. Margaret & Sr. Regina, who offered us  cake and Pepsi. In groups we went to the Kune village, by visiting the poor katkari’s homes.  We interacted with them & also learnt the hard way of life that they live. It was sad to see that people lacked faith but the Sisters are making a lot of efforts to build their faith in God. They felt happy as we visited them & accepted what-ever little we offered them. We have understood deeply,  what life is all about & how God helps each one of us in different forms and ways. We felt privileged about our lives & also learnt to appreciate what-ever God has gifted us with. We  returned to Aashish Bhavan for lunch  about 2 pm. that was wonderfully prepared for us by the sister’s. Post lunch we rested for sometime & then thanked the sister’s by putting up a small dance performance for them. We then trekked back through the hills to Auxilium Convent where we rested. We liked the inter active session with the aspirants and postulants, We were happy to hear from Postulant Justina all about her privileged world youth day trip to Madrid (Spain) she also invited us to follow her foot steps to the aspirant. That very evening Sr. Mary had a surprise for us. She took us out for dinner where we all were given delicious food. On returning we evaluated the day’s mission experience & then prayed the Rosary together thanking God for the beautiful experience at Kune Mission.
The last day, 11th May 2012, we began our day with mass.   We had a few interesting sessions. 1st Session was with Sr. Kalyani, who taught us some action songs that kept us wanting more & more. And later our session by sr. Mary, Sr.Theresa &  Sr. Monica . Sr. Theresa  spoke on christian faith & our mission work with reference to Pope’s Benedict latest documents. After lunch we had a thanksgiving programme to express gratitude to Sr. Salomi and sisters who let us stay with them as in a family and the good food. Sr. Lima  & candidates for the auditorium , who   also shared with us generously their experiences. We thank Srs. Thersea Joseph, Monica Shera & Mary Cherian who helped us to have this unique mission experiences & learn more about our faith in God and service to the poor.
This was a very nice & memorable experience for most of us. It taught us to help the needy & make people happy. Thus, as this mission proved to be successful, we look forward to more missions & more experiences in future.
Nicolette D'souza (Santa cruz) & Joe Mani (Kalyan)

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